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Armed with a Nationwide network of on-site researchers, in-house investigators and automated solutions , we are committed to providing the most accurate and up to date information available. Quality is built into every step of our background screening process. 

A name search will be conducted on the courts index at the county level court of each requested jurisdiction. County Criminal searches include a 10-year search for felony and misdemeanor records. Extended time frame searches are available upon request.

CRI offers statewide criminal searches through both the Administrative Office of the Courts and state repositories. These state databases are a collection of arrests and may include the court findings depending on the participation of each county reporting back to the repository or AOC.

Name searches that return civil filings and judgements such as foreclosures, divorces, complaints, evictions, contracts, collections, etc. at the county level. County Civil searches include a 10 year search of the upper and lower courts.

Checking for errors and/or missed records maintain the required audits for accredited Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA’s). CRI can conduct the analysis or we can simply provide you results from TRADITIONAL searches where you compare results from your current vendors. No automation is used to conduct audit searches. The searches are conducted by our team of expert auditors and researchers who are meticulous in their work.

Document retrieval can include the entire file or just the complaint, disposition and sentencing. Whether you need documents as part of your reporting procedure or require copies to complete an audit program, CRI can deliver.

Federal and State Tax Liens are recorded at the county level in which a property or individual resides. Tax lien reports can include liens for property, child support/alimony, income tax, divorce/marital action liens and judgment liens.

A Workers Compensation search is conducted once a conditional offer of employment has been made. A name search of the states claims database is conducted to reveal if an individual has filed and/or received a workers compensation award. This service may not be available in all states.

CRI is the responsible third party who is registered in the same state in which a business entity was established and is designated to receive service of process notices and other official government notifications on behalf of the corporation or LLC.

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